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Are mobile apps helping  restaurants?

Some of the questions that businesses have about mobile apps are the same.

“We don’t see the need for an app”,¬† As a restaurateur, do you have the same thought process?
There are alot of ways a restaurant can increase business, but a mobile app is one of those implementations that a restaurant cant afford not to have.

With all the features, the efficiency and profitability of an app is too good.
An app can help generate more revenue and also can help with running it more smoothly.

When people are on the go they will usually search for a mobile app for a restaurant. Consumers were surveyed and they found out that over 80 percent of them searched for a mobile app and 92 percent of them searched via web browser from a PC. So whats the big deal? Well statistically restaurant searches outperform any other industry, including hotels, and retail outlets.

As a restaurant owner it only makes sense to utilize an app for your business, the bottom line the mobile trend is only going upward and the projections for mobile use is predicted to increase way into 2020.

Apps are being increasingly created for the service industry today. Apps are popping up everywhere, because there is one thing for sure, people are using the smartphones every day,its an epidemic.

There are many advantages to using an app for your restaurant

1. Its convenient
2. Reservations can be made.
3. Customers can easily order online
( Payment platforms are making it easy for money transfers)
4. Synchronization with social media
5.Synchronization with Dining platforms
6. 6 Billion Smartphones by 2020