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What are the best aspects of a good website?

Your customers want a good experience but maybe they are not aware of what makes your site a good read.  Its easier than you think.


Give your visitors something they can chew on, but dont leave them hanging. They need important information so they can meet there needs and call you to fix the problem. Make sure your front page has a phone number on it, or make the contact area easily found. People when browsing websites follow a pattern, usually in a form of an F. This Study shows how this is done, from Wichita University study.

Is all your information in the appropriate areas so a visitor can scan it quickly and efficiently? Do you have bullet points, small paragraphs and pictures?


Show your Business Personality

Its important to show what you are about, give an about us statement that is honest. People want to trust you and your company. Dont forget to give your company an Our Team page, maybe with pictures and a small bio.

Immediate Customer Service

People like service, and this includes your instant response from an email or a request for service online. You can add a request for service email response form on your website that will be able to email you with the appropriate information needed to complete the transaction.

Some of the information as follows will help you cater to your customers appointment.

  • Date and time requested
  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • A field to pay for the appointment(make drop down menus with different rates)

The first impressions of a website is important too, use high quality images and complimenting colors.